Monday, August 17, 2009

What I really want from my life

Everyday I wake up at my room in morning and think is this the place where I really want to be? Sometimes I feel yes but most of the time I got answer no. Everyday I ask this question to myself. It's all about finding myself, and having the courage to admit certain things to myself, do things that scare me, and know that I'm doing the right things even when others question me.

We all are part of such society where others already decided our future. My son will do this in future, my brother will do this in future or my husband will do this... bla bla.... What the @#$#$%. I don't want to be like others; I want to be ASHISH and I took different path in my life; Initially I faced some difficulties but I overcome these and now I am working with one of good firm and drawing handsome salary and feel little bit happy where I am. But still there is some thing that is missing from my life. I don't know what. I am really confused these days.

Sometimes I thought in our society our target is already defined just like the interface where all the methods signature is defined and need to implement by ourself in our life class. I took this example because I am a programmer, I apologies who didn't like this.

Being a child we need to study hard and get some good percentage, after that being a young guy we need to finish our degree and get some good job earn money and this race for money continues till we die. I agree we require money for good life but in this race we forgot how to live a happy life? Do we really happy with our life.... I don't know about others, but I don't and something is there that is still not part of my life... I am still running for that and even I don't know what is that... I hope some day I'll get the answer...

I hope :)