Monday, September 14, 2009

Motorola's first Android handset - CLIQ

After long time Motorola comes with new Android handset named "Motorola CLIQ" at Mobilize 2009. Frankly speaking I am really waiting for Motorola's new device. First look of Motorola device is really impressive. Now one question is coming in your minds what is more special about it, there are already 4 to 5 handset present in market. So, readers it has something special in it; to find what is that we just explore this handset. The specific feature which makes Motorola CLIQ different from other Android handset is "MOTOBLUR". Customized home screens are the latest trend and widely used in various devices, so Motorola come with custom Android UI.
Motorola's MOTOBLUR is not just an Android screen/theme, but an integrated service that pushes updates from almost all social networks straight to device's home screen. Some of the following features which we'll also see in upcoming Motorola's devices.
  1. As I mentioned earlier social networking feature to the device screen. If you are very social person and use social networking apps frequently then MOTOBLUR is for you. You need to enter account information at the time of initial device setup and then enjoy need not to enter login credentials again. In addition to this, all social networking apps directly access device's core features.
  2. Motorola develop so many widgets to home screen for social networks, RSS feeds and messages directly on the device's home screen. For example some feature widgets are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, RSS feeds for sports, weather and entertainment etc. Point of attraction is contact and dialer application shortcuts.
  3. Till now Android gives you the feature to sync your contacts with Gmail account, but Motorola take you one step ahead and provide a feature to sync your account with all the social networks. Each contact sync with latest pic, status update, contact info etc. The add-on feature is that you are able to see all the info on incoming call from that contact.
  4. Universal message inbox that will collect message from contacts, email, message from Twitter, notes from Facebook and Myspace. User has facility to filter and view them all at once. Motorola got advantage by delivering it first as compared to Google's Wave service.
  5. Now you can update your status to all of your social networks with one click and publish your status update to all at once.
  6. The best thing about this device is safety and security feature. Suppose if you lost your phone then you can remotely wipe data and  restore that data to device with MOTOBLUR feature free of cost, whereas in Apple iPhone you need to subscribe to MobileMe for year which cost 99$. 
  7. It provides you a feature to share your images on the go. You can capture a image and upload it directly to the social networks and also add a caption to it. Each image is automatically sized and formatted according to the service you use.
I appreciate and congrats Motorola for building a good device with good features. The technical specification of device is here:-