Saturday, July 17, 2010

Block a Call

Hi Readers,

Again while working on my blog, I found that some one of you are looking for an article on "Block a Call". But I am not clear about the stuff that you are looking for using J2ME or for some other technologies. No issues, I'll try to explain about it.

AFAIK, You can not block a call or SMSs using J2ME APIs. Because MIDlet can only execute within "Sandbox". Now if you are trying to support this kind of functionality in your application, then you need to know about the market segment and the device penetration ratio in that market. So that you can build your app using different technologies. Let me give you more brief idea about it using an example:-

Suppose we are targeting XYZ market and the device penetration ratio is as following for that market segment:-
  • Nokia S60 & other Symbian  devices - 45%
  • Nokia S40  & other Java devices - 30%
  • Android, iPhone, Blackberry  & other devices - 25%
So now, you can target first 45% devices using the native Symbian app. For Android, iPhone we have APIs which provide the support to block a call with in the application. So you can also target these devices with native apps. Where as on Blackberry I am not sure about the APIs, which JDE version support the call blocking. You may dig into the Blackberry forums and may have a look on it.

Now the rest segment is MIDP devices, as you all know that we don't have any APIs to support call block functionality. But I can guide you with one workaround, may be it'll provide some help to you. To make a call block on MIDP devices, first you need to fetch the number from your contact list by making use of "TextField.PHONENUMBER" constraint and fetch the MSISDN and send it cross with some keyword like BLOCK on the specific number for your teleco client. Then on the server side you can do all the manipulation to block the MSISDN.

I hope I answered your question. If you still have some queries please let me know, I'll try to explain as per my knowledge on mobile application segments.