Saturday, July 17, 2010

Google Dev Fest @ KL

Hi Readers,

Today I went to Google's Dev Fest @ KL, almost 400+ Google APIs fans were there. I hope everyone had great time @ Technology Park Malaysia, & really it was a great event. I learned a lot and hopefully I'll try to provide you some insight about Google's Dev Fest. So let's start:-

Google Dev Fest started with an introduction on what the DevFest day would cover by Christine Songco, Program Manager for Developer Relations @ Google & by Nazrul Kamaruddin, Community Manager at GTUG Kuala Lumpur.

After this, Daniels Lee a Googler who supports developers with Google MAPS Javascript API V3 ran through several code snippets & describe the various features list of V3, such as:-
  • Map Controls (Default UI, Position Custom Controls, etc.)
  • Overlays (Markers, Icon, Polylines, Ploygons, Custom Overlays, etc.)
  • Map Events (MVC properties with event handlers, UI events, etc.)
  • Map Services (Directions, Elevation, Geocoding, Street View, etc).
For more references you can have a look on these links, listed as below:-
  1. Google MAPs Javascript API V3
  2. Good Articles
Note: MAP API V3.0 doesn't require API developer key, & also Beta released for Places APIs but require API developer key to use in different WEB, WAP & Mobile apps. Daniels Lee also showcase one app that is developed using Google MAPs Javascript API V3. You can find app @ Where is Coffee? & source code for same app is available @ Coffee Source Code.

Presentation Links:-
This is all about first session of Google's MAP API V3.0 @ Google Dev Fest, KL. After this we had a presentation on HTML5 by Patrick Chanezon a cool Googler. He explained HTML5 quite impressible way, though during his presentation WiFi was not good. Few of the best points of HTML5 are listed as follow:-
  • HTML5 (HTML + CSS + JS APIs)
  • Web Storage
  • Web SQL Database
  • Web Sockets
  • Canvas
  • Audio
  • Video
  • New form field types
  • Canvas 3D (WebGL)
  • SVG in HTML5
  • New Font Support in CSS
  • Instant Web 2.0 Logo Creatr & many many more..
For all the HTML stuff please visit the presentation @ HTML5 Presentation. Some of the useful resources for HTML5 is as follows:-
  1. HTML5 Tutorial
  2. References
  3. Dive into HTML5
  4. HTML5 Demos
  5. HTML5 Drum Kit
  6. Effect Games (Based on HTML5)
  7. SVG Editor HTML5 based tool
You can also provide support for HTML5 on IE 6, 7 or 8 by using Google Chrome Frame. You can also have a look on Chrome Frame Developer Guide.

After this we moved towards the Open Social APIs, the session was taken by Tim & Bob. Team of two funky Buzz Googlers, who did so many funky stuff on stage to energies the audience after lunch especially to mention cartwheel by both Googlers on stage. This session is mainly based on Open Standards and Buzz APIs.  Buzz APIs really have good stuff and has loads of stuff built in. Essential components of a Google Buzz post are - the Identity, the Activity & the Object. Open standards are really cool and Google Buzz are using all of them in Buzz such as OAuth, RESTful calling style to access JSON data structures, oacurl etc. Even I am new to these APIs. So I suggest to have a look on the documentation. To know more about Buzz please visit the Buzz Docs. You can also have a look on few links listed as below:-
  1. Buzz Libraries & Sample Applications
  2. Boxee (Fully utilize Google Buzz)
  3. Buzz Bingo
You can have a look on the Googler's Presentation @ The Google Buzz API And You

After this healthy & interactive session, Patrick Chanezon is again on the stage with a session on Cloud Computing. He shared Google's presence in the cloud computing space & also shared the fact that 2 million companies use google apps to increase company revenues. Now I/O Chrome Webstore is renamed as Google Apps Marketplace & shares 20%  of Google revenue. Socialwok is an example of a enterprise apps on Google Apps Marketplace - based @ Singapore. Patrick Chanezon also suggest more people should use Google App Engine to serve static content.

Updates:- Cloud Computing Presentation 

Hey readers even I am also not much more into Cloud Computing stuff so not have more content to share with you guys. I just shared with you small stuff, but you can Google it and find the more relevant stuff on Cloud Computing.

In addition to this, few developers & companies showcased their products. Few of them are listed as below:-
  1. Chrome Extension for Google Dev Fest: Leonard Lee showcased the Chrome extension developed by him & totally based on HTML5, CSS, JS & JSON. You can install it from here -  Google Dev Fest Chrome Extension & information about Google Chrome Extension is here - Tutorial.
  2. Terato Tech: Terato Tech rocked the Google Dev Fest with their mobile app - "Undies: What are you wearing today?" This app is based on social networking & made a good use of Google MAP APIs for mobile applications.
I hope that I covered almost every section of the Google Dev Fest @ KL. If I forgot something or If you think that some information is not correct or not properly shared, so I apologies for that. You may correct me and  also let me know with your inputs and experiences @ Google Dev Fest.